Eden Spine Receives New Patent for its Posterior Dynamic Stabilization System, the PERFX – 2™

Lake Mary, Florida – Eden Spine (www.EdenSpine.com), a Florida based Medical Devices organization focused on developing the latest generation of spinal technologies, has been granted a U.S. patent from the United States Patent and

Trademark Office (USPTO) and from the European Patent Office for the PERFX-2™, a Posterior Dynamic Stabilization system designed to remove pain without necessarily removing motion.

The PERFX-2™ is a pedicle screw based dynamic stabilization system, CE Marked and currently distributed internationally.

According to Mourad Ben Mokhtar, head of Eden Spine’s Research &

Development efforts, “the PERFX-2™ is the latest generation Dynamic Rod technology. It was designed to achieve stabilization of the diseased spinal segment while closely replicating its natural function, for better long term results”.

“Fusion has been the standard of care for debilitating back pain for over 3 decades,” said Guillaume Viallaneix, CEO. He added, “With an estimated 35% of fusion cases producing adjacent disc disease, it is clear that new, friendlier, motion preserving treatment options, that better replicate the natural movement of the spine, are in the best interest of both the patient and society. The PERFX-2™ is a step in that direction.”

“This Patent provides further validation of our innovative approach to spinal research and highlights the potential for a significant advance in the treatment of a wide array of spinal indications,” added Guillaume Viallaneix, CEO. “With this patent, along with the rest of our IP portfolio and our extensive R&D efforts, we are in a strong position to move forward with our development plans in 2011 and beyond.”


Eden Spine is headquartered in the United States, with a wholly owned subsidiary in Geneva, Switzerland. The Eden Spine Group is positively impacting patient care, and creating substantial value, developing tomorrow’s spinal technologies, and building a world class spine franchise, inclusive of a fiscally responsible US and OUS sales & distribution network. The organization is commercially active in the United States, Europe, the Middle East and Latin America. The company possesses a deep portfolio of spinaltechnologies including three new-generation motion preservation technologies; the WELLDISC™ total disc replacement; the PERFX-2™ Dynamic Stabilization System, and the WELLEX™ Interspinous Technology. Eden Spine distributes a range of FDA-cleared and CE Marked spine technologies in the US and internationally.

Contact Information:

Guillaume Viallaneix, CEO,

Phone: 407-792-2279

Fax: 407-264-8303

e-mail: G.Viallaneix@EdenSpine.com

US Headquarters: Eden Spine, LLC801 International Parkway – 5th Floor – Lake Mary, FL 32746 – USA

International: Eden Spine Europe SA Bd Helvetique, 36 -1207 Geneva – Switzerland

Web address: http://www.EdenSpine.com